Summary of other services

Where possible, approximate hours needed to complete each task are shown, elsewhere tasks are charged at our hourly rate of £35.00, plus travelling expenses, where relevant.
General Hours
Preparing End of Life plans 60
Ensure doctor’s certificate is available 0.5
Register the death 2.0
Drafting and executing Wills/assistance in drawing up documents

Funeral Hours
Notify funeral director of death 0.5
Sourcing funeral director 1.5
Liaison with funeral director to co-ordinate funeral arrangements 2.0
Drawing up list of invitees for funeral 1.0
Advising relatives of the death (up to 50) 3.0
Advising relatives/friends of funeral arrangements 2.0
Collate and print Order of Service 3.0
Arrange flowers 3.0
Sourcing/booking live music act 3.0
Writing and inserting obituary 3.0
Assistance in writing eulogy 3.0
Arrange venue and catering for post funeral gathering 6.0
Organising thank you cards (up to 70) 3.0
Arrange recording of funeral 1.0
Arrange pre-recording of video/music 1.0
Arrange for web link and online broadcast 2.0
Organise scattering of ashes/interment 2.0
Sourcing headstone/memorial 2.0

Green funerals (limited to SE Wales only) Hours
Arrange for collection and storage of the body 0.5
Source eco friendly coffin 1.0
Arrange burial/interment at natural burial ground in Usk or Cardiff 1.0

At the property Hours
Remove perishables from property 1.0
Undertake basic clean 6.0
Arrange deep clean 1.0
Disposal of medicines 1.0
Return of mobility aids 2.5
Arrange re-homing/humane destruction of pets 8.0
Prepare inventory of house contents 5.0
Undertake comprehensive property search 10.0
Arrange for specific item valuations 3.0
De-clutter property 10.0
Arrange and supervise house clearance 5.0
Arrange and supervise work to prepare house for sale 5.0
Supervise house sale e.g. liaison with estate agent/solicitor 5.0

Administrative tasks Hours
Stop junk mail 1.0
Arrange for re-direction of post 1.0
Liaise with benefits/pension providers, utilities, DVLA, passport office etc 3.0
Liaise with financial institutions 3.0
Cancel subscriptions to clubs, publications etc. 2.0
Dealing with probate issues 5.0
Arrange sale of car 2.0
Distribution of gifted items including shipping abroad 3.0
Decommissioning of computer equipment 2.0