Drawing up documents

No matter how young you are, even if death seems like a million years away, once you have children, assets or both, making a Will should be seen as a priority. Certainly, when planning for one’s end of life, a valid Will should be seen as an essential document to have in place. Lovingly Managed have personnel with the professional expertise and qualifications to work with you to draft and execute your Will which will ensure any orphaned, dependent children are placed in the care of a person of your choosing and your property and other assets are disposed of in accordance with your wishes and not in accordance with the intestacy rules as laid down by the state.

Other legal documents can seem intimidating and confusing if you’re not used to filling in forms and you might be worried about getting it wrong. Don’t be. If required, Lovingly Managed personnel can draw up Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Advance Directives (Living Wills), and help with the completion of Probate and Letters of Administration application forms and the registration of any Powers of Attorney with the Court of Protection should you choose not to undertake these tasks yourself. We can also help you apply to the Court of Protection if you wish to apply to become a Deputy to look after someone’s affairs who cannot now make a Lasting Power of Attorney because they are deemed to be mentally unfit or incapable of doing so themselves.