Private client services

We provide a comprehensive range of services that covers pre-death planning, funeral co-ordination and organisation, post-death practical assistance, arrangements associated with entering or leaving long-term care and escort and monitoring provision.

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End of Life planning

There are many reasons why you may wish to plan your own life’s end. Maybe you want to relieve your family of the burden of having to make the decisions on what... > more on end of life planning

Funeral co-ordination and organisation

Following a death, the funeral is the event on which everyone is focused. Funeral directors are generally key to this occasion and provide... > more on funeral co-ordination and organisation

Post-death practical assistance

When someone dies there are a lot of practical tasks that have to be undertaken both at the time of the death and afterwards, everything from registering the death... > more on post death support

Assistance with entering or leaving long-term care

When you, or a relative, move in or out of long-term care there will, more than likely, be some practical tasks that need to be sorted... > more on assistance entering or leaving long-term care

Escort service

If you are elderly, alone and feel nervous about leaving the house to attend medical appointments, especially if you’re worried about getting lost and confused in a large... > more on escort service

Monitoring service

For relatives living some distance away from a vulnerable family member, who are unable to visit regularly, it can be worrying not to have a true grasp on what’s... > more on monitoring service

Drawing up documents

Some legal documents can seem intimidating and confusing if you’re not used to filling in forms and you might be worried about getting it wrong. Don’t be... > more on drawing up documents