Funeral co-ordination and organisation

Following a death, the funeral is the event on which everyone is focused. Funeral directors are generally key to this occasion and provide excellent support and advice to grieving families. However, there are things that most funeral directors don’t do as it’s not part of their core service. They don’t register the death and obtain the death certificate. They don’t source a venue for any post-funeral hospitality. They don’t organise the food and drink. They don’t book any live music that may be required. They don’t call the deceased’s extended family, friends and colleagues to inform them of the death and let them know the details of the funeral. They don’t send thank you cards to those who attended the funeral or sent donations or flowers. We do all of this and more.

In a nutshell, wherever a funeral director’s services end, we pick-up the slack and then go much further in order to make the funeral as stress free as possible for all concerned.

If you’re a relative with responsibility for organising things and live some distance away, and don’t know the area where the deceased lived, we can select a funeral director on your behalf. Then, if you want, we can liaise with the funeral director and all the other service providers for you meaning you only have to deal with one person regarding all the arrangements.

And if you are parents who have been unfortunate enough to have lost a child through illness or accident, and don’t feel like you can summon up the energy even to get out of bed, let alone cope with organising your child’s funeral, and you have no one to help, we can promise you a sensitive, patient and compassionate service.

While most people, for convenience, will choose to utilise the services of a funeral director for the burial or cremation of a loved one, there are people who, for whatever reason, would like to do it themselves. If you are someone who would like this option, Lovingly Managed is able to advise on or assist in the organisation of independent funerals or DIY funerals.