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We work for individuals to help you to put in place comprehensive End of Life plans for your own death and funeral and you can also contract us to carry out a number of post-death tasks on your behalf. These tasks can be as many or few as you wish in order to relieve your loved ones of the administrative burden that will inevitably arise in the wake of your passing. Provision for the cost of this service can be made via an investment product, taken out in your name and of which you retain full ownership, which could have the advantage of assisting you to make savings on any possible inheritance tax your estate might have to pay. Also, if taken out early enough, it will also reduce your liability in relation to long term care costs. Lovingly Managed provides practical assistance if you are moving into a new home or entering or leaving long-term care and we can also provide an escort service should you need help leaving the house to attend important medical appointments and make notes for you to help you remember what was said at a later date.


If you’ve lost someone you love, we are here to help you cope with the funeral organisation and all the post-death practicalities that need to be taken care of following a death. Lovingly Managed can also help you with the practical arrangements associated with house moves or moving a relative in or out of long-term care. We can also escort your relative to important medical appointments if they are uncomfortable about going on their own and you are unable to accompany them and, if they agree, can let you know the outcome of any such appointments. Our escort service also extends to helping physically fragile people attend social functions they don’t want to miss while our monitoring service keeps families, who are unable to regularly visit a vulnerable relative, up to speed on their loved one’s physical and mental well being.


Finding out that a close relative has died is upsetting enough if you live close by; it’s even harder if you live abroad and have the added stress of having to make provision for your family and job while you are away as well as book a flight, hire a car, maybe even arrange accommodation, while also thinking about making funeral arrangements in an area with which you may be unfamiliar. Added to that there’s the stress of not really knowing what’s going on during the time you’re waiting to catch a flight and travelling. Lovingly Managed can relieve you of some of this stress by co-ordinating the funeral arrangements on your behalf, enabling you to take some extra time to organise your life at home before you have to leave and so giving you the peace of mind of knowing that you left everything in order. Later, we can arrange for the shipping of any items you need to be exported to your overseas home and undertake any number of other post-death practical tasks on your behalf (please see our list of services on our Services page), reducing the number of visits you have to make to the UK to wrap up your relative’s estate. You can communicate with us via the telephone, email and Skype.


Being the executor of an estate can be extremely time consuming, especially if you’ve never done it before, and if you already have a busy life, or live some miles from where the deceased lived, you may find the process dragging on. Lovingly Managed can relieve you of much of the burden the role of executor brings (please see our Services page), enabling the probate process to be wrapped up efficiently and within a shorter time frame.