End of Life planning

There are many reasons why you may wish to plan your own life’s end. Maybe you want to relieve your family of the burden of having to make the decisions on what to do and make the probate process easier for them. Maybe you just want to ensure you get the send off you want, enabling you to live the rest of your life with complete peace of mind knowing that your wishes have been documented and will be carried out to the letter. Maybe, as sadly can be the case, you don’t trust your family to do right by you or you want to head off family arguments over the arrangements that you know are just bound to happen, or maybe you have no living family members who are able or willing to take on the responsibility.

Whatever the reason, Lovingly Managed’s comprehensive End of Life plan enables you to leave detailed instructions about every aspect of your death, your funeral, any practical arrangements you wish to make and your estate, as well as providing all the information your executor will need to proceed with the administration of your estate and probate in a timely manner.

Once your plan is completed you can lodge it with someone you trust or keep it yourself.

If required, as part of your End of Life plan, we can purchase on your behalf a pre-paid funeral plan which will protect those left behind from the burden of rising funeral costs, which in recent years have been going up ahead of the rate of inflation, mainly due to increased disbursement costs such as burial and cremation fees. We will provide information and advise on the plan which we feel best suits your needs and budget. Pre-paid funeral plans are purchased through the leading providers currently servicing this market in the UK.

For other documents related to End of Life planning i.e. Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Living Wills (Advance Directives) click here.