Our fees


Lovingly Managed charge £75.00 for a simple Will and £100.00 for husband and wife mirror Wills. If they are more complex for any particular reason then the cost will increase slightly dependent upon the issues involved.

If the Wills require advice about inheritance tax or long term care planning then obviously the fee is increased because of the time taken to explain how it all works, and they are accordingly much longer, in depth, documents, so the normal fee is £250.00 and £400.00 for husband and wife mirror Wills.

We can also arrange for safe storage of your original Will for you in the Wills Depositry at the Royal Courts of Justice in London for a one off fee of £20.00. There is no charge to withdraw documents, only when they are lodged.

Advance Directives

These are documents where you state whether or not you want certain medical interventions if your health fails and you cannot, for some reason, make your own decisions known. A copy of this document should be lodged with your file at your GP practice and also with your hospital notes at your local hospital. The cost of these documents is £50.00 for one and £70.00 for husband and wife mirror documents.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

There are currently two types of Lasting Power of Attorney, one for Property and Financial Affairs where the Donor (you) appoints Attorneys (who can be family members or friends) who you can appoint solely or collectively to undertake certain, or all, financial affairs on your behalf and the other for Health and Welfare where the Donor appoints their Attorneys to make all their medical and welfare choices if the Donor does not have sufficient mental capacity at any time in the future to make their own decisions. The fees for preparation of these LPA’s is £150.00 per document but if a husband and wife wish to make the same appointments in their documents then the mirror documents can be prepared for £250, making a saving of £50.00. If a husband and wife wish to make similar appointments in both LPA’s for each of them, (i.e. 4 documents) then the fee will be £500.00 which gives a saving of £100.00.

The documents are unable to be used by the Attorneys until they are “registered” at the Court of Protection in Birmingham. They charge an administration fee of £82.00 per document and the process takes approximately 2/3 months dependent upon their current workload and the notice period. If we prepare the documents for you, on their return from registration, we make you 3 copies and get them certified so that you can use the certified copies for the persons/companies who need to see them, enabling you to keep the original document safely. If the original and all copies get mislaid the Court of Protection can provide an “office copy” at a charge of £35.00.

End of Life Plan

The Lovingly Managed End of Life plan is an extensive and comprehensive document that will not only enable you to leave specific instructions about every aspect of your end of life, your funeral and the wrapping up of your estate, it will also ensure that all the relevant information required by your executor on your passing is collated into a single document, making the probate process much easier and quicker to complete.

Our End of Life planning service enables people to do two things.

Firstly, to discuss with a relatively dispassionate third party the ins and outs of what they want to happen at the end of their life and their funeral arrangements. You may not wish to discuss these issues with family members, either because they you your family won’t be receptive to this kind of discussion or because they you to include instructions which you know your family won’t agree with and want to avoid a row. Having the plan in place gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you’ve left no room for misinterpretation of your wishes.

Secondly, the plan provides information on the nitty gritty of your life which makes the probate process easier and quicker for the executor or administrator and, if probate is being undertaken by a profession charging for this service, then it saves money too. It also makes finalising your affairs much less stressful on the people or person tasked with sorting everything out.

Here are the 10 top reasons to pre-plan your funeral:
  1. It gives you peace of mind.
  2. It shows that you care enough about yourself and those left behind to do it.
  3. It removes the decision making burden from your children and family members.
  4. It eliminates the potential for family rows.
  5. It prevents the wrong decisions about what people think you would have wanted from being made.
  6. You are able to personalise your services so you can get exactly what you want.
  7. It enables you to create an end that is a true reflection of who you were in life – your values and beliefs.
  8. It sets an example.
  9. You may be the sole survivor in your family so providing detailed instructions is a sensible insurance policy if you are worried that your death will ultimately be overseen by strangers.
  10. You control your funeral and burial expenses.
Our funeral planning and co-ordination service relieves bereaved people of the stress of organising the funeral and any post-funeral hospitality at a time when all they want to do is grieve. We can provide a single point of contact for the family and will handle all liaison to do with the funeral arrangements.

Finally, our post-death practical support comprises a number of services designed to provide a comprehensive solution to finalising a deceased person’s estate. This can be invaluable to families juggling busy, stressful lives who already have limited free time, and even more so when the family lives hundreds of miles away from the place where their loved one lived.

Please note that our End of Life planning service is not a pre-paid “Funeral Plan”, these are just for the “actual” funeral and can be obtained on the open market although we do have access to the industry leaders in this area and can make comparisons for you. Our End of Life plan goes much further.

Our fee for completing an End of Life plan, based on a face-to-face meeting that takes place within one hour’s travelling time of our location, is £300, payable in cash or cheque at the meeting or prior to the meeting via bank transfer. If two or more End of Life plans are completed in a single face-to-face meeting at a single location, the cost will be £500. If you live further afield, face-to-face meetings can still be arranged but additional costs will be incurred, depending on your location, to take into account the additional time and travelling costs. These will be quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Probate applications

We can help you with the preparation of any probate applications whether for Probate if there is a Will involved, or Letters of Administration if there is not. Our fees will obviously need to be dependent upon how much work we do for you. We can however confirm that our fee will not be more than £35 per hour.

Service packages to help those coping with bereavement

Lovingly Managed’s main aim is to make life simpler and less stressful for people at a difficult time, when they’ve just lost a loved one. We have therefore put together two service packages which we believe address the most pressing tasks that need to be taken care of with regard to the funeral and those unavoidable practicalities that arise in the immediate aftermath of someone’s death.

However, if our packages don’t fit your requirements then please don’t hesitate to call us. We can tailor our packages to better suit your needs, adding, removing or swapping services, and the prices will be adjusted, up or down, accordingly. See our full list of services and prices for more information on the choices available to you.

Funeral package - £545 (a saving of £50 on individual element costs)

  • Registration of death (2 hours)
  • Ongoing liaison with funeral director (2 hours)
  • Organising the design and printing of an Order of Service OR provide flower brochure and arrange the ordering and delivery of selected floral tributes (3 hours)
  • Arrange funeral venue and catering (6 hours)
  • Ringing relatives and friends to advise them of the death OR provide details of funeral arrangements (including emailing directions) to up to 50 names (2 hours)
  • Send up to 30 thank you cards for flowers and donations (2 hours)

Bereavement package - £350 (a saving of £52.50 on individual element costs)

At the deceased’s property - £245 if undertaken in a single visit
  • Removing perishables from property (1.5 hours)
  • BASIC* clean and tidy, to include bed stripping, dealing with dirty dishes and delivery of unwashed laundry to a laundrette or family member or dealing with its disposal (6 hours or less depending on property size. Price confirmed on appointment.)
  • Safe disposal of prescription and other medicines (1.5 hours)

Administration - £122.50
  • Cancelling junk mail and arranging for the redirection of other post (0.5 hours)
  • Contacting relevant benefits providers, utility providers, the DVLA and passport office to inform them of the death and undertake any paperwork required (3 hours)


*A basic clean means just that – dealing with any dishes in the dishwasher and washing dirty dishes that are lying around, stripping beds, removing dirty laundry including towels, wiping down bathroom and kitchen surfaces, removal of dead flowers, general tidying, light dusting and vacuuming. Deep cleans can be arranged on request if this is required.