Professional organisations

Probate practitioners

To relieve you of the more arduous elements of the probate process, and free up your staff to spend their time on other work, we can undertake comprehensive property searches for valuables, important documents and cash ensuring their safe delivery to you. We can also complete inventories of a property’s contents, arrange for the valuation of specific items and the delivery of gifted items, both within the UK and abroad, and supervise the clearance and making good of a property as required so that it is ready for sale. Please feel free to call us to discuss our proposition in detail.

Long-term care establishments/hospices

As places that offer respite, comfort and dignity to people at a time when they are at their most vulnerable, there is great demand for beds in this sector which is only going to increase. When a client or patient vacates your residence then, in order to be in a position to offer the benefit of your service to another in need, who may themselves be taking up a much needed hospital bed, it makes sense to have the room available as soon as possible. If the family of the previous occupier is not able to arrange for the timely clearance of the room, or if they have no family to do this, Lovingly Managed can arrange for the removal of their personal items to a safe storage facility until arrangements can be made for their distribution or disposal. Please feel free to call us to discuss our proposition in detail.

Social Services

With the ever-present pressure to keep costs down in the public sector, it makes sense to minimise the cost of funerals that are paid for by the tax payer. Lovingly Managed can help reduce the costs of funerals paid for out of the social fund by shopping around local funeral directors to get the best value-for-money funeral on a case-by-case basis. Please feel free to call us to discuss our proposition in detail.

Independent Financial Advisers

The cost of our End of Life plan packages can be utilised to negate or reduce inheritance tax and long term care liabilities. The End of Life plan packages are financed by investment vehicles, in your clients’ names, with our company as the beneficiary, so that we only receive the funds once we have done the jobs we have been contracted to do. These would be set up and managed by you as a part of your clients’ investment portfolios. Please feel free to call us to discuss our proposition in detail.

Funeral Directors

Lovingly Managed can provide additional services, complementary to your own, that enable you to offer clients a more complete funeral service without having to undertake the work yourself, for example, by offering to organise any post-funeral hospitality, if that’s not something your company already does. Please feel free to call us to discuss in detail how the services we provide can dovetail with yours to deliver a more complete package to clients.