Help with moving

As people age it often becomes necessary for them to leave their homes for the sake of both their physical and mental wellbeing. This could mean a downsizing move or a move into care.

A house move when you are elderly is a daunting prospect. It’s said it’s one of the most stressful things any adult will experience in their lives so, when you’re older, it’s not surprising if the thought fills you with dread. Don’t worry. Lovingly Managed will take care of everything from contracting the removal men to meeting with carpet fitters and furniture deliverers to co-ordinating everything on removal day and arranging the final clearance of the home that you’re leaving. You don’t have to do a thing and we will do all in our power to ensure you have a worry-free move into your new home.

Alternatively, when you or a relative, move in or out of long-term care there will, more than likely, be some practical tasks that need to be sorted out. People can find themselves in long-term care for various reasons. It may be a planned move but even if this is the case, and especially if you’re on your own, you may want help organising your move. Also, people do find themselves going into long-term care unexpectedly, perhaps following an emergency admission to hospital, after which they are judged too vulnerable to return to their own homes. In these circumstances, as well as planning for the longer term, there will be some tasks, such as emptying the refrigerator, re-directing the post, cancelling the papers and junk mail, re-homing of a pet, that need to be undertaken as a matter of some urgency. Lovingly Managed can take on all this at short notice.

If, on the other hand, someone is returning home after an extended hospital stay or a period in respite care, then we can go into the home ahead of their arrival to ensure there are enough basic foodstuffs in the property, go shopping for them if not, turn on the heating if necessary and generally ensure the house is comfortable and welcoming.

And if a relative dies while in long-term care, and you can’t get there promptly to clear out the room, we can do this for you and arrange for their belongings to be stored in the short-term or disposed of as you require.