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Lovingly Managed in the Western Mail - 08 June 2011

Lovingly Managed was featured in the Western Mail's business supplement on 8/6/11 in a feature entitled "Lovingly Managed helps families deal with the aftermath of a death". The article is also on the Wales Online web site and can be accessed via the following link:

Lovingly Managed in the Blogosphere - 26 October 2010

Recently Lovingly Managed have been generating a lot of interest and comments in the blogosphere.        

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Blessed are the Risk Takers

Lovingly Managed Responds to its Critics and Doubters

Don't dig yourself into a hole over funeral plans - 13 August 2010

The cost of dying is rising - so it is increasingly important for you to choose the right way to pay.
It is not just the cost of living that is rising. The cost of dying - specifically, the cost of a complete funeral - is outstripping inflation too, often leaving bereaved relatives facing unforeseen bills. 

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Rise in the number of people now dying alone - 09 August 2010

INCREASING numbers of people in Wales are dying alone, mirroring the plight of Eleanor Rigby in the classic Beatles song.

Councils across the nation paid out an average of £2,582 in 2009/10 for the funerals of those without family or friends, or whose relatives are unwilling or unable to pay for a funeral.

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